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Along tradition associated with the desert and agriculture involves the Ica region. Considered as the region of eternal sunshine, surrounded by a desert that holds mysteries as the Nazca Lines, a series of drawings gigantic zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and geometric which have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Moreover, it continues to find fossils of huge prehistoric sharks and birds. The dunes end where the sea begins with abundant resources and scenic beauty which reaches its peak in the Paracas National Reserve, is not only a natural paradise of rich and varied wildlife, but an important archaeological site in which they are traces of the Paracas culture. Ica is also the birthplace of Pisco, the national drink of Peru, from the sixteenth century is distilled from grapes grown in its fertile valleys. Sweets like tiles and breeding Peruvian Paso Horse are also an essential part of the cultural heritage of Ica.

Ica is just located a few hours from Lima and is the perfect blend for adventure and relaxation, being so far from the stress and noise of the city. Ica is recommended as a start point to visit Paracas National Reserve and Nazca Lines, both declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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Wildlife in Ballestas Islands - LAS ADVENTURE

Ballestas Islands

Often called “the Peruvian Galapagos,” the Ballestas Islands are where savvy travelers can experience wildlife...

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Reserva Paracas - LAS ADVENTURE

Paracas Reserve

Paracas is a national reserve located south of Lima. It is home to the famous and amazing "Ballestas Islands...

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Guided tour of Tambo Colorado - LAS ADVENTURE

Tambo Colorado

Step back in time on a guided tour of Tambo Colorado, a beautifully preserved Inca fortress featuring the high...

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Huacachina Oasis - LAS ADVENTURE

Huacachina Oasis

In this traditional tour to Huacachina Oasis, you will visit traditional vineyard of Pisco and wine, where you...

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The ceremonial centre of Cahuachi - LAS ADVENTURE


The ceremonial centre of Cahuachi has a great importance, as it was there where the ancient Nazca culture deve...

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Chauchilla Cemetery - LAS ADVENTURE


The Chauchilla Cemetery is the most popular excursion from Nazca, It will satisfy any urges you have to see anc...

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Wildlife in Pampas Galeras - LAS ADVENTURE

Pampas Galeras

This impressive and historic fortress is located a three-hours walk from the hotel district of Santa Maria...

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