Visit Ballestas and Tambo from San Martin Port


Tour Ballestas and Tambo

This 6-hour tour is for all visitors who are landing at San Martin Port and want to enjoy a private Tour to Ballestas Islands and Tambo Colorado. See thousands of marine wildlife in their own natural habitat and visit one of the many well preserve Inca adobe complex near the coast of Peru.

You will be met by our guide at San Martin Port at this point you will be transferred to Paracas town. At this point you will meet the rest of the group and board our speedboat to begin our adventure to the stunning Ballestas Island. On the way you will stop at the Paracas peninsula to see the enigmatic figure of the Candelabro, a stunning design drawn on the side of a hill in the Peninsula. Nobody knows for sure who did it or why. there are many hypotheses regarding its origin, some believe it is related to the Nazca Lines but still found no proof or evidence that can define its creation. Afterwards will head off to Ballestas Island, where you will enjoy a stunning worlds filled with birds and sea lions. Here you will visit the three island at a distance allowed, navigating in some caves (this will be depending on the condition of the sea). On your return to the port, you will board our vehicle to drive towards Tambo Colorado.

Tambo Colorado was an Inca settlement and was most likely built at the end of the 15th century and was ruled by the Inca Emperor Pachacutec. It was known as Puka Tampu, Pucallacta or Pucahuasi and its buildings are typical Wary (Ayacucho) and Inca (Cusco) culture influences, have buildings of ceremonial plazas, houses, ceremonial platforms and the main building known as La Fortaleza. It is believed that Tambo Colorado was used as an administrative / ceremonial and military place to control the main road from the coast to the highlands also this place was to service as resting place for the Inca and his army across the Inca territory. The site consists of several structure around a large central plaza. The central plaza is shaped like a trapezoid with its largest side being 150m long. The main structure are grouped together in a northern and southern Palaces, plus some ceremonial platforms. Because of local environmental conditions, many of the buildings original colours have been preserved, helping experts reconstruct the site. After your visit you will return to the San Martin Port to re-join your ship.


  Pickup and drop-off from San Martin Port
  Private vehicle.
  Boat transportation(shared 40 pax).
  English speaking guide
  Tourist tickets


  Travel personal insurance
  Meals and personal expenses

Departures and return details:

Departures are from San Martin Port in Paracas

Departure time:

Departures are at 09:15am. If your ship are late, departure time are flexible.


6 hours approximate


A minimum of 2 people is required for this tour.

Confirmation and Payment:

Confirmation will be received at time of booking, a full payment will be required via PayPal. Once we got your Payment you will received your confirmation travel voucher.

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