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Tambopata and Manu

The Peruvian Amazon jungle is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth. Most species have probably still not been discovered, or adequately studied. As a nation, Peru has the largest number of bird species in the world and the third largest number of mammals; 44 percent of birds and 63 percent of the mammals inhabit the Peruvian Amazon. Peru also has a very high number of species of butterflies, orchids, and other organisms.

The Manu, Tambopata-Candamo and Pampas de Heath reserves cover 3'500,000 jungle hectares (8'645,000 acres), the largest and richest bio-diversity of the world. They keep unique flora and fauna species, impossible to find elsewhere, including 2,500 flower varieties, more than 1,000 birds (10% of the world's species,) 900 butterfly species and more than 20 kinds of monkeys.

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Manu Jungles - LAS ADVENTURE

Manu Wildlife Center - 4 Days

A short trip to Manu staying 3 nights at the Manu Wildlife Centre This trip has several major wildlife attractions – the...

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Wildlife in Tambopata - LAS ADVENTURE

Reserva Amazonica - 3 Days

Indulge in the beauty of Peru's Amazon jungle while basking in luxury lodging. With the thatched-roof cabanas of Inkaterra...

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Tours Tambopata Reserve - LAS ADVENTURE

Reserva Amazonica - 4 Days

Climb the banks of the meandering Madre de Dios River, and enter another world. Wake to a symphony of tropical birdsong; end...

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Tours to Manu Reserve - LAS ADVENTURE

Refugio Amazonas - 5 Days

Refugio Amazonas is a 32-bedroom lodge four hours from the Puerto Maldonado airport. It is ideal for soft adventurers and fami...

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