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Tailor-made Holidays to Peru


Holidays to Peru

Experience Peru in your own style

PERU, Land of Hidden Treasures. Peru is a multi-ethnic country that occupied the heart of the Inca empire. It is one of the most popular countries in South America and for good reason. It offers an fascinating mix of Amazon Jungle, deserts, 6,000 meter-high mountains, beaches, stunning colonial towns and of course, pre-incas and Incas civilizations such Mochicas, Chachapoyas and Machu Picchu.

Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, Peru was home to many ancient civilizations whose cultures were left behind in the form of stunning and beautiful pyramids. Contrary to popular belief, Machu Picchu is just one of many sites that dot the Peruvian territory. In 1821 Peru obtained independence from Spain, and nowadays is a multi-ethnic country of Amerindians, Europeans, Africans and Asians. Although the official language is Spanish, there are many indigenous languages, most notably Quechua.

Peru is blessed with seemingly limitless natural wonders such as jungles, beaches, mountains and lakes and waterfalls. Its high ethnic diversity has led to a mixture of cultural traditions has resulted in a wide expressions in fields such as art, cuisine, literature and music. Nowadays, Peru has one of the highest economic growth levels in the world and tourism is the country’s 3rd largest industry.

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Our most popular itineraries in Peru

Our Peru specialists have thoroughly explored this dramatic country and will carefully plan your itinerary for a truly individual tailor-made trip. See our sample itineraries and find out which itinerary will suit you best.

Incas and Conquistadors 8 Days

Our Incas and Conquistadors itinerary, has been designed for those looking to experience the region's archaeo...

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Incas & Aymaras 12 Days

Our Incas and Aymaras itinerary, has been designed for those looking to experience Lima, Cusco and Puno. You will...

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Condors & Convents 14 Days

This awesome itinerary of Condors and Convents, has been designed for those looking to experience Lima, Arequipa...

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Southern Peru 24 Days

This amazing overland tour of Southern Peru, has been designed for those looking to experience and discover the...

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Tailor-Made Holiday
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Every place on Earth is fascinating and unique, but Peru is one of those countries that manage to stand above the crowd. This place has so many natural and cultural treasures that have fascinated people for hundreds of years, and still fascinates them today. There are thousands of reasons to go to this great destination

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The best time to visit Peru is from April to November when the days are bright and sunny. The rainy months tend to occur January to March and travel can be difficult in some areas. Peru has three different climatic areas: the coastal desert from Lima southwards experiences hardly any rain; the Amazon is hot and humid throughout the year; whilst the high Altiplano of Peru and enjoys dry winters, but it can be very cold in the evening and early morning.

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A holiday to Peru inevitably means long haul flights, and at least one overnight sector. Air fares vary from date to date and between airlines. Most of our customer recommend flying with KLM why? good service and good prices.


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