Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions you may have when planning your trip to South America. If you cannot find the answer you need, would like more information or have a different question, please contact us and we would be delighted to answer them.

1. Why should I travel with LAS ADVENTURE?

We feel that LAS ADVENTURE is truly unique in the adventure travel market and the high percentage of clients who travel with us again and again isn’t down to chance. LAS ADVENTURE is a company that has been set up by professional and the company ethos is to help adventurous souls get to incredible places that would otherwise remain inaccessible. Our head office in Paracas- Peru is manned by experienced expedition leaders and it is their knowledge and passion (along with that of our experienced guides) that is evident in all aspects of the trips, from planning through to implementation. In short, we run the kind of trips that we like to do! By keeping the group sizes small (maximum 12) we can allow for a greater degree of flexibility and cater to individual needs and this unobtrusive ‘low impact’ tourism gives travellers a chance to get off the beaten track without damaging the places they visit. In addition, a percentage of the trip profits are used to fund various NGO’s and charities in the countries we visit so that everyone – travellers and locals alike – benefit from the experience.

2. What makes LAS ADVENTURE different to Others?

Using passionate and knowledgeable guides, as well as a dedicated and experienced office staff, we are able to provide unique and original itineraries that allow our clients to take a journey beneath the surface of the region, into those special and secret places. Go to many travel websites and what you will find are homogenised travel packages lacking both originality and imagination. Most of these itineraries have simply been sourced from partner agencies in the country to which the tour runs, with little regard for the fact that the same tour is being sold around the world to any number of other organisations. The itinerary - that soon becomes a circuit - is therefore not only run by the one company as many times as it can, it is run by umpteen others as well. By running our tours only once or twice a year, and on routes we have discovered for ourselves, we are able to give a truly off-the-beaten-track experience and all the benefits that go with that.

3. Which destinations do you offer?

We are South America specialists and We offer tours and holidays to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands and Peru.

4. When is the best time to go?

There are many countries and variations of seasons across South America, ranging from short, sub-zero days to tropical, 100% tropical humidity to warm beaches great for sunbathing. Different seasons offer different benefits and options to the traveller and we're happy to help and advise. Contact us for more. Speaking very generally, the Andes in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador are best for trekking between April and October. Patagonia's summer is the best time to visit (October to March), while the Galapagos Islands are pretty much a year-round destination. The Amazon rainforest main 'dry' season is April to November, although can be visited year round.

5. Do your tours include international airfare?

All our tours are priced on a ‘Land Only’ basis. We find that being ‘Land Only’ offers our clients greater flexibility to extend their holiday or book using air miles. LAS ADVENTURE does appreciate that many of the places we visit can be difficult to reach and so we will happily provide a flight information service.

6. Do your tours include domestic flights?

YES! all domestic flights are included in the price, and is according to your itinerary. If you wish to arrange your own flights you are completely free to do so and in this case we can arrange any transfers or supplementary accommodation that you may require. Should you be travelling on one of our small group tours and wish to book the suggested group flights yourself you will still be included on the group transfer.

7. I’m travelling alone - is that OK?

Although some people travel on our tours with friends or partners, many people come alone, perhaps because their friends have different interests or budgets. Although you may begin the tour alone, by the end of the tour you will have many new friends for life! Solo travellers will usually be roomed with other group members of the same gender. Single supplements are not compulsory for most travel styles but are available on Adventure Tours if you want your own room. You will share a twin or triple room with someone of the same gender on other travel styles. We also offer Independent Travel stopovers and packages.

8. How fit do I need to be?

In order to get the most out of the tour you should be in good physical condition. We offer a very wide range of trips from day trips with hardly any walking at all to 21-day climbing expeditions at very high altitude. It is not easy for us to grade the fitness levels required for all our trips, since most people's fitness is a subjective matter. However, we are happy to talk through what is expected of you on each trip we offer so you know what to expect. Having said that, most trips are easily within the reach of most people and the more extreme trips too, with some training.

9. Which vaccinations will I need?

Vaccination requirements vary from destination to destination and from person to person. We are not medical professionals and we are not able to give you specific advice about which vaccinations you should take. You should seek professional advice from your doctor, travel nurse or medical centre before you travel and take your itinerary with you to your appointment, which should be made at least 6 weeks in advance of travel.

10. Do I need a visa?

It is essential that you check visa requirements for your trip before you depart. While we make every effort to offer advice on visas, it is ultimately the responsibility of the traveller to arrange and research their own visas. If you do not comply with visa requirements you may be refused entry into a country and miss all or a portion of you tour. If you are refused entry into a country, it is your own responsibility and LAS ADVENTURE will not be liable for an inconvenience or expense incurred as a result. If you need to arrange a visa in advance, you can do so either directly with a country’s embassy, or through a visa agency. Although visa agencies are more expensive, many people choose this option for the convenience and comfort of knowing the details are being taken care of by professionals.

11. What are the age restrictions on your tours?

To travel independently you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits on our tours however travelers with pre existing medical conditions are required to complete a medical questionnaire.

12. What's it like being at high altitude?

Shortness of breath is normal when first arriving at altitude. Most people are fine the first day they arrive as they still have retained oxygen in the blood system from sea level. It will take most people a couple of days to adjust to altitude properly. You may notice that if you move quickly, you will have to pause and catch your breath, and so you will probably have to do most things quite slowly. Which is fine, because you're on holiday! But do go carefully and take it easy, especially if you have never been at altitude before. Some people feel a little sick or get headaches, too. After a few days most people find that they have adapted to the altitude. There are lots more steps you can take to ensure you acclimatise as quickly as possible. Physical exercise, hot sunshine and dry high altitude air all combine to cause you to lose fluids rapidly. Take a water bottle everywhere and ensure that you drink plenty, possibly 4-5 litres per day. When you go to the toilet check the colour of your urine. If it is clear like water then you’re fine but if it is dark yellow then you are dehydrated and need to drink more. Extremes of temperature can also lead to sickness. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Use a sun hat and sun cream and protect the back of your neck. When the sun goes in the temperature can drop quickly so always have a fleece or jumper in your own day sack to put on. Keep warm. The secret is not to overstrain yourself since you don’t make such a rapid recovery upon resting as you may at sea level. Listen to your heart rate and when it feels as if your heart is going to jump straight out of your chest it’s a sure sign to stop and rest for a few minutes until it returns to normal. Make frequent rests and take your time to enjoy the scenery/situation.

13. How much luggage can I take?

Most international airlines offer one piece of hand luggage up to 10kg and one piece of cabin luggage of 20-23kg in economy class. Internal flights in South America generally offer one piece of hand luggage up to 10kg and one piece of cabin luggage of 20kg in economy class but these can vary, especially in Argentina and on smaller planes operating in remote areas (Amazon/Andes). If you have concerns about baggage allowances, please ask before booking flights and we'll be glad to help.

14. Do I need travel insurance?

All customers must be fully insured for the duration of their tour. Customers are responsible for arranging their own insurance, which must cover medical expenses, injury, death, rescue, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment. Customers must provide LAS ADVENTURE. with insurers’ name, policy number and 24-hour emergency telephone number in case there is a need to contact them. You must carry proof of insurance with you. If you lose any personal items whilst on holiday you are advised to obtain a written police report and/or from a local representative. This will assist with any insurance claim upon your return. We recommend you take out your insurance at the time of booking and double check the small print to ensure it covers all activities you are involved in. This is your responsibility.

15. Are you bonded?

Yes! All our tours are fully protected. LAS ADVENTURE fully complies with the current European regulations regarding the protection of client’s money. LAS ADVENTURE are a genuine tour operator that hold a MINCETUR licence (Membership number 012-2013/DIRCETUR-DZP) giving you confidence whe you book any tours with us.

16. Have I got any payment protection?

Yes! We provide additional financial protection for our European customers, at no additional cost to our clients, ‘LAS ADVENTURE’ has formed a working relationship with ‘Latin American Dreams’, a UK based Tour Operator. All European bookings more than 5 days duration, are made through Latin American Dreams and as such are fully bonded by the Travel Trust Association (TTA Membership Number Q2241) This ensures that in the case of the failure of any of our providers, your funds are fully protected. This is in-line with the European Union ‘Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992’.Contact us for more.

17. What is a guaranteed departure?

A guaranteed departure will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be cancelled for lack of participation. All guaranteed departures will run except in the event of a natural disaster or similarly disruptive event that is beyond our control and which could cause unsafe or undesirable travelling conditions. In the unlikely event that a guaranteed departure does not reach minimum numbers, it will still run as scheduled. We aim to operate every tour regardless of whether it has been guaranteed or not and the minimum numbers required to run our tours is very low.

18. How do I make a booking?

It is easy. Just e-mail us at or send your booking request at Contact us and one of our travel consultants will be happy to discuss your travel plans and talk you through the reservation process.

19. How far in advance do I need to book my trip?

There is no hard and fast guide, although some trips are popular and book up quickly. To ensure a place, send the completed booking form together with a non-refundable deposit. We will issue a confirmation invoice, at which point we have accepted your booking and a contract exists, and then pay the balance 10 weeks prior to departure. Also, be sure to allow yourself enough time to obtain visas and vaccinations where necessary.

20. What are the methods of payment?

We accept payments via Paypal, Western Union and International Bank Transfer. Contact us for more.

21. Prices of the trips - does it change?

All our prices are in US Dollars and these do not change once a trip has been agreed and paid in full. If you only request a quote this won't guaranteed the price until the booking and payment has been made, meanwhile the prices are subject to change without notice due to new Government regulations, fuel cost, taxes or exchanges rate changes.

22. What do prices include/exclude?

Although most tours include your accommodation and transport, each tour is different with regards to meals and activities that are included. Please check the itinerary to see what is included or Contact us for more information. Items of a personal nature, such as laundry, phone calls, tipping, room service, optional excursions, wine & beverages, etc are not included in our tours, all that is at your own expense. Tour prices also exclude International departure taxes, customs and immigration fees.

23. Are there any hidden charges that are not included in the cost of your itineraries?

All what is included is clearly specified at the bottom of each tour package. However, if you have any question, regarding this issue, please do not hesitate in Contact us We will be very happy in answering all of them.

24. What do I get (paper work) before I go?

We email you invoices and confirmations as the booking progresses. We also send detailed country information, fact sheets, kit lists etc, so you are fully prepared. Once your balance has been paid, some 2-3 weeks before your departure, we email you your 'Joining Instructions'. This is a word document that lists all the timings for your trip, flight details, e-ticket numbers etc. These instructions also have our emergency numbers, and the contact details for our local partners who will be looking after you during your trip. They are your first point of reference for your trip and we strongly recommend that you print them out and take them with you on holiday.

25. How will I meet local agents? How do I join up with my group?

If you have booked transfers with us, you are met at airports/bus stations and taken to your hotel. This may be a driver only, or with the guide. If it's driver only then you will meet your guide at your hotel or when your tour begins. These details are set out in your joining instructions. For group trips you usually meet up with your group members the day before your trip for a briefing with your guide. We provide the details of where and when. If you need to contact a guide in country, we will give you the details of how to get in touch.

26. Which currency will I need in South America?

Take some US dollar cash with you, as this is a good back-up currency in South America as most people will accept this if you run out of local currency. Most countries and cities have a proliferation of ATMs from which to withdraw the local currency. Let your bank know where and when you are travelling to avoid your card potentially being blocked. It's best to withdraw money in country as ordering in advance usually means a very bad exchange rate. The currencies are: Ecuador (US dollar); Peru (Sol); Bolivia (Boliviano); Chile (Chilean Peso); Argentina (Argentine Peso); Brasil (Real); Uruguay (Uruguayan Peso); Colombia (Colombian Peso); Paraguay (Guarani).

27. I'm on holiday and not happy with something, what do I do?

In the first instance it is best to call our local partner/representative as they will be able to respond much more quickly and actively than we can. If the matter is not urgent you can email us too. If the local rep cannot help, or you cannot locate them, or you wish to speak to us directly, or the matter is urgent, please locate your joining instructions and call us on the office number (during office hours) or the emergency mobile outside of office hours. We will respond as soon as we can and stay in touch with you until any issues have been resolved.

28. I'm on holiday and get sick, what do I do?

Get in touch with our local representatives. They will be able to help you, advise you etc, and help you find medical attention if required. Most common complaints such as upset stomachs can be resolved swiftly. If it is an emergency please go to the nearest local hospital. Carry your travel insurance documents with you, and let the insurance firm, us and our local representative know the situation as soon as possible.

29. What should I do if I lose my passport?

Get in touch with our local representatives and your Embassy as soon as you can, and they will help you. Always takes photocopies of your passport with you when travelling. Saving a scanned copy of your passport in a secure email is also a great way to be able to access your passport details should you lose your passport while travelling. You cannot travel with a photocopy of your passport or with a print out of the scanned copy. You must contact your Embassy to cancel that passport. The copies are useful to have to help the authorities. If someone steals your passport you must also contact the local police and report the theft.