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Day trips to Peru: Make a memorable escape

Peru has a lot to offer even the most exacting tourist. Being home to the ancient civilization of the Incas, this bright country keeps plenty of secrets. And you’ll be astounded by them for sure. If you’re an avid globetrotter who craves for new emotions and authentic atmosphere, Las Adventure provides you with the greatest selection of full-day tours to Peru. Start a journey here to soak up the sun, explore countless ruins, and blend in with the incredible culture.

When you want to run away from everything that’s getting on your nerves, it’s vital to choose a trustworthy travel agency. You’re lucky as you’ve already found one today. Our team will organize your getaway to the best advantage. With us, you’ll not only enjoy picturesque views but also delve into the pristine world of Peruvians.

With Las Adventure, your vacation can be both active and slow-paced. What’s more, our Peru day trips will become your must-take if you’re traveling with your little ones. We know how to keep youngsters excited by jungle inhabitants or floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Plus, Las Adventure welcomes you all year round. You don’t have to wait for a warm season to come to hit the road.

The best day tours in Peru to add to your bucket list

Have you ever thought about the to-dos you have to complete as soon as possible? If that’s what you’re currently working on, book a tour package that includes different activities, from attending mind-boggling volcanoes to stopping by time-honored temples. Check the range of our Peru day trips and select the one that will fit your bill:

  • Tambopata and Manu
  • Arequipa
  • Cusco
  • Puno
  • Ica
  • Lima
  • Chachapoyas
  • Trujillo

Peru isn’t just about sightseeing. This country is also famous for its mouth-watering food, making for a mix of Japanese, Chinese, and European culinary peculiarities. The main must-tries are ceviche (marinated raw fish), empanadas (baked pies filled with chicken or beef), and mazamorra morada (pudding with fruits). You can savor them if you set off on our full-day tours to Peru. Explore the delights of Peruvian meals to be inspired and cook something once you’re back home.

Are you all set to go on fascinating adventures to Peru? Day tours from our travel company are waiting for you. Pack your bags and find yourself in one of the most multifaceted countries in the world!

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